BETAEP002: Birdbox

I started this Blog a few years ago hoping to, at the very least, have a place to share my written content. I've been successful at posting a few poems, short story, and a few conceptual written pieces. It's been a modest experience and I'm proud, to say the least, to have stuck to this process for as long as I have. 

But like with anything today, everything we do is juiced up to the exponential degree and the pressure to make something that matters is greater than ever. So to a completely irrational and unfair standard that I am applying towards this site, I have to be critical and say that I failed. With no clear vision for this blog, I completely missed the boat for viral success.

Perhaps its my own paranoia, but the web feels like there is no middle anymore and that the only thing that matters are the bits of content that drive the loudest numbers. Now the challenge is to decide what what to do next. 

The thing is, I know what is "required' of me to make this blog a modest success. I followed enough social media gurus, and digital marketing specialist (not to mention a few SEO wizards) to understand what is my strategy to get this going. But I think I would just simply follow through the motions (too bogged down in the technicality of driving traffic) that the focus on the quality of content starts to bow down. 

Any matter, it all comes down to spending the time with this and I've certainly been falling well short. So the next portion of this continued experiment is to add another leg of media to this. In my previous post, I announced that I am testing running a podcast. The reason for the beta designation is really that I'm still on the hesitant side of what it's ultimately going to be about. 

I'm not going to go too far into what ideas I have in store (don't want to commit to something before I end up putting my foot in my mouth). I have a general list things to talk about --not to mention an avid movie enthusiast. Maybe it will be a mix of a bit of everything.Just like this blog. Perhaps I'm selling myself short, and hurting my chances to increase this audience. But regardless, despite the criticism and possible missteps that I have willingly committed, I will have finally created something that I can strictly call my own. 


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