BETA003 : Solo - A Movie Commentary

In case you haven't picked up on it, I love cinema. An earlier post showcased my first attempt to try and make this a movie review and commentary page. However, I suppose, the natural order of this creative process seemed to have diverged me away from that.

Thus far, every attempt to create content for this page was more from a personally written stand point. But in the last few weeks, I have decided to make the jump into the audio arena. And I have to say, I think I have found a new vessel for the muse. 

This next post will be my last of a series of beta episodes for a soft launch for this podcast. I wanted to dedicate my joy of watching movies (but more importantly, talking to others who love movies as well) into a platform for movie lovers. These first few episodes will exist as a special, in which I will break from my current conceptualized format and provide some fun commentary on movies hitting the big screens, as well as some cult classics (or films that have personally resonated with me in time). 

This Beta episode is of some fun commentary I had during my second (technically third viewing of Solo:A Star Wars Story, as I had to pause the viewing because my terriers got into the kitchen trash can). 

Again, the ultimate scope of this official podcast will most likely cover broad cultural topics, and frankly, a venue for me to speak on relevant conversation. I don't view this as a means to only voice my ideas and point of view, but to hopefully engage with the larger online community. 

With that said, I will most likely continue to provide content in the written format, but you may see a noticeable drop in the length of the actual text. 

For those of you who have followed me from the beginning: thank you. 

For those who are just dropping in: welcome and stick around. We might have a lot to talk about. 

*On a side bar* if you wish to follow along for the first hour or so of the film with my commentary, begin Netflix's version of Solo: A Star Wars Story (english version) at 6:38 of this track. 


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