#1 Why So Angry? Podcast: I'm Just Going to Launch This Bitch (A Game of Thrones Commentary)

OK. So this thing is really raw....I mean really really raw. And you know what? That's my vibe. I feel if I try and polish this up right from the get-go, the creative process starts to flounder and I begin to get in my head space too much. If I keep trying to formalize or structure this show, then I will slow myself down and get nothing done. 

Maybe one day I will have the opportunity (and time being a new dad and all) and re-work a show format that will be a bit more "appropriate" for the mainstream audience --or whatever that means on the web. 

Therefore, I'm dropping this EP. 1 on your collective ass and just going to bring you in. No intro, no name, no holding back. This is so bad ass right?

****SPOILER WARNING****Game of Thrones Final Season

A few course corrections during this debut episode that I don't have the capacity to edit out:


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