I'm Going To Mars, and YouTube

If there is something to be proud of when I take my last breath, it will be passing my name -in one form or another -into the stars. Yes, I know, it's only perhaps a small thumb drive aboard the circuits of some land rover, but still, the memory will live on in one form or another. Who knows. Perhaps the remnants of some far-into-the-future civilization will dig up these old bits and be able to determine what was once our race, and the dreams of our people that chose to scratch the surface of the orbiting bodies that surrounded her home. 
Now, speaking of other mass celestial bodies, I am now orbiting a small media platform you've might have heard of called YouTube. Dipping my toes into the video model has been rewarding, but nerve-wracking. Now, I have to account for my bed hair that's been sufficient for Zoom team calls, but not for the beautiful community online. So I got to get back to my beauty routine and get back to those morning jogs. 

Check in an subscribe with the link below and look out for new uploads and episodes! This is a fun one to announce and feels like we're just opening up to new possibilities! 


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