#59 Why So Angry? Podcast: 90's Kids, Catholic High School, and the Island Boys

It's been a minute but we're back. Alex and Tonio are looking back at their time during Catholic High School and all the awkwardness of being a 90's - early 00's teen as it is portrayed in today's entertainment of morally grey and cynicism. What if the Karate Kid was a total douche bag all along?

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#58 Why So Angry? Podcast: Government Go Home, You're Drunk


Alex, Jonathan and Antonio are back on for another round table. Government is a term that embodies all sorts of good and evil in the fabric of society. But what exactly is it there for. We explore this while talking about what is going on today with privacy, government over reach, and the 20 year anniversary of 9/11.



#57 Why So Angry? Podcast: SpaceX and the Billionaire Space Race

Alex, Jonathan and Antonio are back on the pod to look at what's going on with the new space race between tech billionaires with SpaceX latest launch of the Inspiration4. We also talk about what's the worse way to go: blow up in space or crash in the Alaskan wilderness. All fun topics!



#56 Why So Angry? Podcast: Our Hearts Go Out to Afghanistan


For many, the Afghan war has defined their worldview and how the global political structure was exemplified within this conflict. Now, for the United States, it has come to an end, and not without its tragic failings. Alex and Jonathan try to make sense of why we were there and what will happen afterwards.

Disclaimer: this recording was done before the recent events at Kabul airport. Hearts go out to the family members of the servicemen that were lost in that attack.



#55 Why So Angry? Podcast: Dreaming of Fallout, the Fyre Festival, and Con-Artists


Jonathan and Alex talk about their "dream-scapes" and what it means to have some faces of the past appearing in dreams. We also talk about the Fyre Festival and the striking similarities with our own experiences creating a street festival.



#54 Why So Angry? Podcast: We Talk Greatest Movie Director's of All Time



Who's the greatest basket ball player of all time? Jordan? Kobe? James?

Now we line up the same conversation among movie directors for film nerds like us. Antonio and Alex get into this question and some news about the future for this channel. Enjoy!

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Imposter Dad Syndrome

Do children ever get buyer's remorse? 

I imagine some sort of transactional situation where an unborn is sitting with a catalog deciding how they will enter into the world -- having some preference of who they will become and how they will live out their days in what will ultimately become their paradise. They select their attributes and engage in what you and I call being. 

The caveat is that we must first enter our world under the tutelage of our caretakers. We don't get to choose our parents, and vice versa; it is all one big lottery system. 

"Right now at this moment, tell me something: Is this, my dad?" The first conscious thought I picture going through my son's still-developing mind. "Because I think we made a mistake." The visual of a customer complaint streams into view, a sort of a cosmic Yelp review, asking the engineers to review history logs to determine if there hasn't been an egregious mistake created somewhere on the timeline of human conception. "I need you to check to make sure that this is my dad." Thus, completing the 1-star cosmic Yelp review.

"That is not happening. No." Will be his realization, as I awkwardly strap him into the car seat for the first time, sweating beads of fear and insecurity -- drenching the bald surfaces of an already receding hairline. The biggest truth that comes with fatherhood is that you are never really ready for it. It comes like a blunt object that has little remorse for what sort of prep course you sacrificed a whole Saturday morning for. 

It's the basic most biological interpretation of "imposter syndrome" that anyone on this planet will ever experience. No one knows what they are doing, but that doesn't matter at that moment when you pick up your child for the first time. They stare at you in complete submission and helplessness to the world outside. And it is solely your purpose to make sure you rise to the task, regardless of whatever shortcomings that may have set you back on the race of life accomplishments. 

While those who will breathe the sigh of relief of withholding every bearing children, I will say good for them; this is not a role for the faint of heart. It is thankless and ending -- at times you may feel like a pariah, shamed forever expressing your helplessness because the suffrage of parenthood was "YOUR CHOICE." There can be no sympathy for a path decided. The congratulations end at the moment of birth. 

Yet I stand in the conviction that this was the path for me and I could not have imagined it any other way. At this moment in my young fatherhood, I look bare, raw, thinned, but that is the true form of beauty that will soon reveal itself to the world. 

Right now they do not see. Right now they only see pain.

Pain is purpose. 


#53 Why So Angry? Podcast: UFO, Alpha Centauri, Space, and the Cosmos



This podcast has been an outlet for life, society, and culture. What can be more encapsulating of that genre than a discussion about what's going on in the stars? Jonathan and Alex talk about the recent news buzz about Pentagon actively tracking unidentified objects in our airspace without a single explanation. We later dive into the odds of human's even making it to another star in our galaxy and the meaning of Space-Time.

We go far out there fellow travelers!


#52 BONUS Why So Angry? Podcast: My Extended Interview About Faterhood


Alex and Jonathan continue their dialogue with and in-depth questionnaire covering topics of parenting, preschool, child development, and the joys and pains of fatherhood.

Please check out episode #52 for the first part of this conversation.

#52 Why So Angry? Podcast: What Happens to the Kids After Covid?



Jonathan and Alex talk about what's going to happen to child education and schools while navigating life as new fathers. We talk vaccinations and child care with the hopes to create awareness of the importance of making sure our future generation bounces back from 2020 as quickly as possible.