#8 Why So Angry? Podcast: Marvel Recap & How Dysfunctional is Synonymous with Family

I think the trickiest part about entering a new space is trying to balance creative authenticity, all the while appealing to mass markets. This project has strictly been an outlet for my creativity to experiment and share ideas with the online community; however, I would be insincere if I say that I didn't want this content to be enjoyed, at the very least, by a small community of internet goers. 

Starting this project, I imagine a spectrum: on one side you have pure creation and original authenticity; on the other, you have formulaic, researched, calculated content targeted towards mass appeal. Therefore, creating content successfully requires a balance between the creator --retaining the ability to enjoy the creative process without losing oneself --and the critic and public tastes that will ultimately result in popularity. 

So we are in a nebula-like period but thank you for sticking in there. I'm just having fun here and hope that you all enjoy what info you can get from this. 

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#7 Why So Angry? Podcast: Just in Time For the Fireworks

This has been a lot of fun. But the weekly posts are grueling and I can just see the white towel just waiting to be tossed in. But let me just settle in and just share with the world.

Broadcasting to you all the way from SoCal comes with its risk, one of which is the possibility of the whole ground just opening up and swallowing you whole. Well, my home just grazed against a 1.0 earthquake, but still, that doesn't take away from the risk! To quote Bilbo Baggins, “It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to.” 

Couple of key comments prior to this episode, the audio is a train-wreck! I know! I love the freedom of walking around with the mic in my hand but it comes through audibly during every sentence. I'll figure out what to do about going hands-free, but its no excuse, I got to try and sit my ass down in the chair and let it rip. After all, its why I put the station together. 

I think I am resolving my expectations that this is an ongoing experiment, an audio lab or sorts to reflect (and inject) my own personality that just seems a bit too weird for mainstream corporate life. And if anyone that I do ACTUALLY know is reading this: GET BACK TO WORK!

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#6 Why So Angry? Podcast: The New Dad Blues

The Catalyst

If ten years ago, you looked me in the eyes,
what will be the man you'll see?

If ten years from now, you looked me in the eyes,
would you dread the man you'll see?

What will they say of today's version of me?
Was today where it all changed? The link?

At the lowest point that one may feel, 
it is at this juncture 
when you are vital.

The moment where our farm boy decides 
to leave his broken home and ride
into the desert, to become legend.  


I've mentioned Toastmaster's once before on this blog and now here we are full circle mentioning it again on the podcast. I really need an endorsement deal! 

The art of communication is one that everyone seems to struggle with, but yet no one cares to admit openly. I'll usually give a fair critique of myself as a competent communicator, but in the hands of other individuals, I barely make the cut. I say this with the upmost love and compassion towards myself, but I tend to be pretty dim when it comes to complex emotional well being.

Why talk about this on the show?

My fascination towards the human psyche and our complex array of emotional modes just make for very interesting conversation, but more importantly, self-empowering reflection of my own development into adulthood. 

I digress. This story is all about my transition to becoming a dad and how life just seems to have a different angle that I've never noticed before. I guess I'm just trying to toot my own horn, but I could be wrong

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#5 Why So Angry? Podcast: A Little Story About Libra and Orange Chicken

I think I can be a bit of a cynical person when it comes to certain topics. Lately, I've been the biggest cynic towards the world of social media. The irony right?

Its not that I believe that social platforms today are all an unrelenting evil in today's social stratosphere, but more of sugary substances that's causing us more anxiety and heartache than we care to admit. I don't have to list the countless research out there that points to the daily dosage of social media contributing to widespread mental health issues, (although there are some counterarguments against this belief) yet it comes as no surprise that countless hours on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can add some serious setbacks to one's daily path towards self improvement when left unchecked. 

I would become the biggest hypocrite if I were to campaign for zero tolerance towards Facebook, or profess some sort of self-imposed Instagram fast --which admitting enough is a nice way to cleanse the headspace every once in a while. However, I think this climate of extreme polarization and ideologies --that can't seem to grip opposing thought existing within the same spectrum of conversation --festers any sort of communication among individuals and now these "digital tools" of sophisticated communication now becomes weaponized.

Maybe I'm just a naive well wisher hoping that the people will rise above the algorithms of influence, perhaps acting in a style that would force the platforms of social media to adjust to us (and not the other way around).  

Where would we be as a world without the existence of social media's greatest contribution to humanity: President Trump. 

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