#38 Why So Angry? Podcast: Presidential Election & the Lesser of Two Evils


We go all over the spectrum on today's episode! Our entry point will be the political election to define a generation. Alex and Jonathan take a high level view of what's at stake, with a little bit of commentary over social media censorship, free market capitalism, Mary Trump, and some conspiracy theories. This is why we make podcasts!

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I Am Told, Therefore I Become

“Don't feel sorry for me. I did plenty of that. All the way growing up.” 
The reason why I've been reflecting on this subject is because Im trying to get a better understanding of who I am as an adult and how I am going to be as a parent and how not to continue the same failings that Ive experienced.
I wonder why I've struggled so much to get ahead of this world and why I feel so unsatisfied and I come to the realization that I've been hampered in a lot of my self development.
In school I've always been categorized as remedial, even having to take English as a second language when I was as young as kindergarten.
In high school i was immediately enrolled in "transitioning" courses --basically classes for under-performing students. I’ve never been considered for AP courses and, for the most part, held back a grade during my time in high school.
Then afterwards I went to community college instead of just shooting for higher --had terrible scores on my SATs.
So what I’m trying to say is that while it appears that I’m not performing well, it happens to be the system that tells me that I'm inefficient; therefore, as an adult, im always struggling to take a risk and really shoot for excellence.
I can tell myself to change my mentality, but it is near impossible to do that without understanding the lifetime of living in a world that told me that I am less than average.

#37 Why So Angry? Podcast: The Stigma of Men's Mental Health

The stigma of appearing weak and unstable is one that exhausts many-a-men in America. The pressures to perform at the highest level as leaders, without showing any flaws, has come as a long and weary obstacle that most adults have to face. This results in having to hide the pain and sadness to a point where it does more harm -- without seeking the attention needed. There are those that are trying to make a change for the better culturally. This episode talks about how openness isn't met with the warm reception needed -- validating the uphill battle those struggling must continuously face.

A bit of a disclaimer for this episode, a claim is stated that those with mental illness commit violence and crime. Mental illness is a serious issue in America, yet, it should not be confused with those who commit violence and crime have a mental illness. On the contrary, those suffering mental illness are in fact more likely to become a victim of domestic violence and abuse.

If you or someone close to you is suffering distress or crisis and are a danger to themselves, please contact suicidepreventionlifeline.org - 1-800-273-8255.

Undisputed with Skip & Shannon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5B3_9oRXXfI&t=2s

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#36 Why So Angry? Podcast: The One Time I Started a Business

Setbacks are a part of life, but some resonate longer, and in some sense, define a life afterwards. Alex brings back Jonathan for an examination into what could have been a life changing opportunity to start their own entertainment company in Hollywood. Join our conversation as we dive into chasing a dream and finding the silver lining through adversity.