#4 Why So Angry? Podcast: Television, Tech, Topics

Listen in as I discuss with my fellow scribe, storytelling enthusiast, and good friend about what makes Charles Bukowski and icon, as well as the art of world building.

And, yes! I mention some more Game Of Thrones fallout. Also, I make a quick pitch as to why The Expanse is the space epic of our time and, after an episode 1 watch, will have you hooked (or else move on to something else!)

The podcast show is still in it's infancy and would love some feedback!

Feel free to find me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AlexAntonio00

Keep harsh notes to a minimum though. Just like all first drafts, you need more encouragement than destructive criticism.

Show notes:

  • Charles Bukowski's Factotum: One of the prolific author's most notable works. A must read if you are just starting of on a beer-soaked, punch drunk journey of Mr. Bukowki's masterful work. 
  • The Expanse: Will be releasing their fourth season on the Amazon Prime streaming service. This comes as exciting news for the passionate fan base that petition to see this show stay alive after the SyFy cable network axed in the middle of it's third season. 
  • More on The Expanse: On the conversation of world building, the show is one of the best out there. Here is the clip that was discussed. 
  • Music done by: https://twitter.com/TheGlitchMusic

#1 Why So Angry? Podcast: 90 Days of Beginner Parenting

We are going to start things off with a little bit of restructuring (or structuring) and better introduce myself in this 3rd episode.

I started this podcast because I was fascinated with entering the new frontier of internet radio (it appears to be entering a cultural renaissance).To give it credit, podcasting has been around, at least in my memory, for over a decade. I was introduced to it in 2006 when the apple ipod, probably coined the phrase "podcast", released exclusive netcast radio content.

It was cool for me at the time, but it felt novelty. Yet, I could have never predicted the advent of smart phones, social media, and broadband WiFi creating the ecosystem that would make this fringe medium really branch out as a mainstream force: the Simpsons featured an episode of Marc Maron interviewing Krusty the Clown on his podcast! Anytime TheSimpsons grab a hold of some pop culture referenced, you know its hit it big-time.  Who am I? First and foremost, I’m a new father. And with that comes some entitlements -at least I like to think there are. I’m an elder. And by elder, I mean an elder millennial. 

Yes the dreaded millennial. The scapegoat of America’s resentment. I don’t know where all the animosity and hostility came from, but, regardless of which side of the political landscape you sit on, we are more than 3/4 likely to take all the blame (this fact is completely arbitrary and has no relevant study to support this). So if you’re asking why so angry? I present to you the cross that I must bear.

So as general housekeeping and overall laying of the ground rules of this show, topics will generally range from personal to social to cultural. Forgive the randomness, but if you’re thinking that this sounds pretty broad, then yes, it pretty much is. It’s my safe space and you’re not allowed to take that away.

This podcast is the alter, and I am the sacrificial lamb, and I will carry all the animosity that all social classes exhibit when they just smell a millennial in the vicinity.

Today’s episode I want to go into a little bit of my own life in an interview with my beloved wife Tiffany. We just crossed the first 90 days of new parenthood and wanted to share some of our thoughts and helpful resources for anyone who is also starting a family or becoming parents for the first time.

Then, I get on my soapbox about Sonic the hedgehog and how the studio system just can’t seem to learn from their own mistakes.

Show Notes:

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Music credit by The Glitch