Another One-on-One

This is perhaps a bit of a trial period. I know as aspiring writers, we use various different exercises and techniques to help us develop as craftsman. I suppose this is my first crack at it. I really don't know what are my primary intentions for this blog will be in the coming weeks, hopefully in the coming months, but I am not going to try and define it just yet.

I know many of times I seem to have the innate ability to just ramble a stream of thoughts when no one really asked a question. So in a way, I am sparing the people in my immediate proximity the pain of having endure my trivial conversations on how last nights episode of Walking Dead possessed strange and haunting parallels to today's modern day society.

"Calm down Mr. IMDB, no one wants to hear that crap."

I quietly laugh to myself in those moments, seeing myself get excited about a particular topic and to only have my conversation be met with a glazed look and a polite smile. They don't get what I'm saying and I quietly turn my office chair back to my computer screen and answer the next phone call.

It's harder for some to really understand why people don't connect in ways that are more meaningful. I don't pride myself in being able to talk to others. I think most of the time I just sit back and observe, as most people just sit and wait for their own turn to speak. Maybe I stutter my words, or maybe I just don't speak fast enough. For whatever reason, I'm not apologizing for who I am and what I've learned.

I've learned to accept who I am and how my mind works.

Sometimes I can be weird and a bit of a loner, but I think its necessary. The ability to slow things down and contemplate our situations and surroundings is a bit of a cleansing of the soul. Our day and age of instant gratification and this rush-rush mentality has almost gotten to the point of being a bit overwhelming. Taking the time to just sit the fuck down and chill out is a bit of an understatement and I think people will benefit from that fact aplenty.

Anyway, yes, I'm a movie guy and sometimes I talk to myself WAY too much, but you know what, that's alright. Our character is only defined by the flaws, talents, joys, and memories of our lives, who is to say what is acceptable or not. In the end, it is what ultimately makes us human.

Crap, there I go rambling again....

I'll end with a shameless plug of a favorite website of mine that really got me excited to talk cinema and screenplay again. WhatCulture!

A Chain Reaction

A new chapter.

A new beginning.

A new age.

The pages continue to turn and I no longer wonder where this story will take us. To some doomed existence, where our lust for power and fortune will continue to consume us, or perhaps a higher form of enlightenment. To what ever end that may be, it is my hope that it will be where all of humanity can unite in one common cause.

We are all barely awake in time, unable to see all the occurrences of our very existence around us. An infant species to the universe that operates under a single certainty that cannot be denied: we all live and die. Simple in its definition, our own meaning should revolve around how we each choose to impact this lifetime and how our own actions will bestow lasting impressions across time.

Do not hold to the anger, indecencies, or inconsiderations of common people, for they are still lost inside their own darkness--unable to see the light from within. How does a single mind rationalize how it fits into this idea of the "grand scheme of things"? It is my own belief that any one unit has the power to affect the whole, just as a single cell has the ability to change an entire organism. A chain reaction must take place, for we still may very well be the wandering sheep within a wilderness we do not yet fully understand.

A Birth Right

What are my thoughts?
A stream of consciousness?
What makes me happy?
What makes me Sad?

The heart & soul are but concepts that exists within the mind. Those who try and squelch the mind are the opposition. My greatest fear is to be in a position--a crowd of people, a job, a marriage-- in which they would rather see me silent than speak out of turn. Pure freedom is the ability of expression and the opportunity to continue to push those boundaries.

I see that oppression is a very real danger. But it is never a thing that is seen swiftly, but gradually, over decades. Distractions are what allows the guard down. When we appeal to this societal concept of happiness, we lose our notion of what constitutes expression. Perhaps the homeless man screaming on the corner of the block is not so insane after all. Though random are his thoughts, it is his pure expression and he is absolutely free to do so. My pen to paper is freedom. No server or IP address. No history file or digital footprint. Enjoying the freedom that our own private thoughts are as such. And the ability to say those thoughts should be cherished as a natural born birth right.

Another Introduction: The Real Me

Really, at this point I don't know what to say. As you may can already see, this is my very first blog and I am rushing the cobwebs off. Then again, cobwebs implies that I have been writing for some time. In reality this is my first official foray into the realm that is creative writing, especially in the open domain.

Just some background on me. I'm a film geek with the utmost insane amount of drivel information about cinema trivia than a normal person should ever know. I think every philosophy that I've ever interpreted in life has always revolved around movies. I don't suppose that's too bad. I got this far after all.

I'm really just looking to get a conversation going with like minded folks that can really help me grow as a writer. Once again, this is my first, true wing at it for others to see, so please bear with me, as grammar is not my strong suit. L.O.L. (Oh no he didn't!!!)

My own aspirations is to one day write for screen (television or film) and, well, you never know. Look forward to hearing from you all and stay tuned!

Digital Profile: Endgame

As time marches on, we all become real. Our flesh & bone tells a story, through the eyes of the stars. They look down upon their children, with the many moons of the sky, and finally are joined with their sister moon, our moon. 

And in this bond, the sun bursts into flames and launches a great towering wall of blinding light, chasing the few left upon earth. 

But the concrete jungle of humanity protects us all, safe and happy within its catacombs. 

Alone together, in one great wonderful embrace: brothers, sisters, and the higher power.

The Chosen

Many are called, but few are chosen. 

How does one become chosen? I believe from birth, we are all called upon this earth, not knowing the greatest potential that this plane has to offer. Scared of the various dangers and fears that exist just outside the sight of man. Existing within their confinements of comfort. Never truly pushing their limits or breaking the boundaries that were always placed before by society. But to become chosen is a result of a higher power. One that exists far beyond our own understanding. 

Within the minds of many exists the names of only a few. Immortalized as master builders of the past. Cultivating a culture and way of life for us all. To become the chosen few requires a choice of our own: acceptance. The ability to let go of all the fear and doubt and pain that have caused so many before us to crumble and fall. 

It is not up to you to decide such a fate, for turning away this divine responsibility will be a greater dis-service to not just oneself, but to your fellow man. The potential impact on so many lives would be lost from such a retreat, and by that reason should a "why" be cultivated for your own purpose. To touch and inspire the masses and to spread a message that will soon reach the world and can very well change the course of time. It is not up to you to be afraid, for the time has come to let go of all earthly inhibitions and to trust that we are all destined to become the lions that greatness has chosen us to be. 

His Cries

I hear the cries of a young boy
being disciplined by his mother; 
and I begin to ponder 
my own lessons -
given to me 
by the mother of life. 
Is this juncture, 
this particular crossroads of life, 
meant to bestow 
a moment of greatness 
or a portrait of defeat?

Tell Me a Story

Tell me a story… any story. 

One where all sense of emotion and spirit are present. What makes this story? Are all the foundational elements present? Who? What? When? Where?... Why? 

The answer to the why always alludes us. Why are you telling me this story? What creates this purpose so profound that you are compelled to speak its words or utter its message? Will it sing a forgotten song; or touch a troubled heart? Will it bring laughter to the weary, or caution to reckless souls? Is it meant to bring hope to those who have lost their will or their own purpose? 

We each live within our own fable, our own tale, our own myth. How that story unfolds is never really within our capabilities, yet we possess the capacity to determine how our own roles can impact that narrative. Are we to be that legendary knight? Greatness is not rewarded to those who await her blessings, but to those who dare to defy convention and to those who have made that costly sacrifice. By their wisdom they will empower their own storyline with purposeful truth, without any fear of compromise. 

The decision now is whether our own roles will influence that epic ending. Will it be worth telling? What will be your legend? What will be your story?

Readers of Minds

If telepathy is just the ability to read the minds of others and to speak with just our thoughts, how does one categorize mobile text messaging within that same vein? Talking with just our thoughts has become a cultural norm, not giving full credit to the power of our words. Someone can practically judge another person without so much as a single interaction. 

Does a conversation really exist if it did not take place in the spoken tongue? 

Of all forms of conversation that we have through out the day, what percentage is actually through verbal means. Through email, text messaging, and social media, all spectrums of human emotion are on full display. Ready for the purposeful attempt to connect with another human being. Yet its not true. It is only a fragment of what vocal communication is. We trust our emotions whole heartedly to these digital screens, when in reality, it is but a splinter of what true human potential really is. "He said this, she said that!!" But from a text, a blog, a twitter. All epigraphs of a story yet to be told. 

But what is the end going to be? Like watching the opening titles to a movie without seeing the entire journey to its end. So we try to interpret what the story will be. I suppose you can say the same hollowness exist in letters to a dying patient, or a doctrine of human rights, or the scrolls that search for human meaning. All words that lack the subtext capable of conveying human meaning and purpose. 

We say law and authority drives purpose, but I say my spirit drives purpose. Spirit to remove myself from all sense of communication. Where words bind no grief to my own presence. The only words that I hear are the echoes of the flowing hills. Telepathy isn’t a gift, a power, but a perception. 

Therefore, can you see my thoughts upon this page? 

Are you capable of reading my mind???

A What if the World...

How would it be if two people can speak to one another using nothing but their mind? Would they not be together in an eternal bliss of endless possibility? Is that privilege only for those who are truly in love? What would the catch be? 

That you could only speak to them while you are asleep, perhaps? 

Maybe two humans on opposite sides of the globe with the ability to telepathically talk to one another, only while the other is awake. How would their lives affect each other? Would they share an emotional moment at the same time? Contradiction of one another. (Good vs Bad)  

What if they are of different social class? 

Imagine every person in the world having the ability to be telepathic but coupled up with one unknown person. As if by a divine plan? But how would that coupling be decided. Man to woman, child to adult, rich to poor, good to evil. Would it be destiny to learn some enlightening thought from the other, no matter how strange?

Two Halves to a Mind

The top half is bugging while the bottom half is working

Let my eyes see what my hands feel

Do not trust the eyes, for they will cause you to wage war upon yourself

The two divisions are but specters of one another

But are still linked

The other cannot live without the one

Boots to the Ground

Calling all to arms!

Let us follow the path to sudden destruction!

Duke it out!!!

Chains, saws, guns, shrapnel!

All elements of a vicious juggernaut of chaos!

Stand your ground! 

A sudden shift in power has arrived!

We will not falter, we will not stray, we will not weep!

Headstrong and keep moving forward!

The Onramp

Maybe this is happening for a reason? Like getting lost on a map. Taking the wrong exit off the freeway and your suddenly lost, not knowing that the freeway is but a block away; left at the light. 

But I think we found it. The onramp. The path that will lead us to where we are destined to be. For so many instances we questioned the journey. Should I be here? How far is it? Maybe I was supposed to take a right back there? Always left wondering if this was really worth it at all. 

But I see the onramp. Finally, we can continue this journey. Awaiting us are the sun kissed valleys where stones lay red and dry. No need for a map at this part, just ride it to the end , to where the freeway ends and true life really begins. The only hope is that we can ride this entire journey together. 


You almost missed the onramp!!


Ocean's Deep

The edge fades from my sight.
I can no longer see the destination. 
Where am I headed? 
I hear the coast but 
I cannot see its blue depths. 
Do I want to go there? 
My heart tells me go 
but my mind bids an alternative. 
Out of fear no change seems good, 
but without it how do we grow? 
We are all connected 
through common occurrences, 
yet we bind ourselves much deeper. 
We challenge each other, 
contradict each other, 
enjoy each other, and conflict 
with each other. 
But there will be a time when we 
must return to the sea and 
detach ourselves from all sense 
of connection and finally become 
in harmony with the earth. 
We die to show others 
how we’d lived and it is by this accord 
that we can truly embrace 
this eternal bond.

With a Warm Welcome

My first Page. 
What will be in store for me? 
Out of so many, which one will carry the heart, mind, and spirit. 
Stay within the drift and let your mind flow. 
See your thoughts and then forget them. 
Do not dwell on any that may linger. 
This is my first message to you. 
Welcome and behold the world.