Happy New Years!

First and foremost I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! I know this is late but it is still the first week.
I can't express to you all how happy I am to reach a new chapter in all of our lives and that another year is in the books. I am sure there are a mixed bag of emotions of how we all may feel about the last year (I for one have had my ups and downs) but I would encourage everyone to look forward with a sense of optimism.
I have never been the jovial, New Year-crazed type of individual that gets excited over new years resolutions. I tended to believe New Years was an excuse to party and that most resolutions are forgotten within the first 3 months. But I'm starting this year off with a new sense of opportunity for myself and for those I care about.  Last year was the year for tremendous growth. 2015 will be the year that the fruits of my sow will be realized.
I know for the most part, my aspirations for this year is to make serious strides towards my goals as a screenwriter, one of which being my first screenplay with my writing partner. We've made good progress drafting pages at the end of last year,  but the true challenge is ahead of us with the meat and bones of the story yet to be explored.
I also have desires to get back into community service, developing my own production business,  enjoy camping,  and get back into stage performing.  These are all projects that may encompasses a larger portion of a few years, but I hope that this first quarter of the year will be the beginning of those journeys. 
And finally,  the continued development of my first blog. I have taken a number of hiatus breaks from this site, but I am still committed to seeing that this page succeeds, even if it just becomes a simple blog. I want to share my thoughts and visions and ideas to the world, even if it is just a tiny space in the infinite digital chasm.


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