#4 Why So Angry? Podcast: Television, Tech, Topics

Listen in as I discuss with my fellow scribe, storytelling enthusiast, and good friend about what makes Charles Bukowski and icon, as well as the art of world building.

And, yes! I mention some more Game Of Thrones fallout. Also, I make a quick pitch as to why The Expanse is the space epic of our time and, after an episode 1 watch, will have you hooked (or else move on to something else!)

The podcast show is still in it's infancy and would love some feedback!

Feel free to find me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AlexAntonio00

Keep harsh notes to a minimum though. Just like all first drafts, you need more encouragement than destructive criticism.

Show notes:

  • Charles Bukowski's Factotum: One of the prolific author's most notable works. A must read if you are just starting of on a beer-soaked, punch drunk journey of Mr. Bukowki's masterful work. 
  • The Expanse: Will be releasing their fourth season on the Amazon Prime streaming service. This comes as exciting news for the passionate fan base that petition to see this show stay alive after the SyFy cable network axed in the middle of it's third season. 
  • More on The Expanse: On the conversation of world building, the show is one of the best out there. Here is the clip that was discussed. 
  • Music done by: https://twitter.com/TheGlitchMusic


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