#11 Why So Angry? Podcast: What it Means to Have a Safe Space in an Age of Division

I had to pause before I begin this post. I'm not clear on the hesitation, but I have a hunch it is because I don't want to spread any more negativity that's already rampant across the internet. However, as mentioned on today's episode, we want to make sure that the lives lost on that tragic day are carried on in our hearts and minds. I know this consolation is just a drop in the bucket of what is needed to effectively implement change -- yet it is all the power I possess. 

Andre Pablo Anchondo, 23 of El Paso 
Jordan Anchondo, 24 of El Paso 
Arturo Benavidez, 60 
Leonard Cipeda Campos, 41 
Maria Flores, 77 
Raul Flores, 77 
Jorge Calvillo Garcia, 61 of Torreón 
normal;">Adolfo Cerros Hernandez, 68 of Aguascalientes

Alexander Gerhard Hoffman, 66 
David Alvah Johnson, 63 
Luis Alfonzo Juarez, 90 
Maria Eugenia Legarrega Rothe, 58 of Chihuahua 
Elsa Libera Marquez, 57 of Yepomera 
Maribel Loya, 56 
Ivan Hilierto Manzano, 46 of Juárez 
Gloria Irma Marquez, 61 of Juárez 
Margie Reckard, 63 
Sarah Esther Regaldo Moriel, 66 of Ciudad Juárez 
Javier Rodriguez, 15 
Teresa Sanchez, 82 
Angelina Silva-Elisbee, 86 
Juan Velazquez, 77

Today's guest host is my long time friend and collaborator Mark. We put together an interesting discussion -- the first of many -- about the toxic nature of our society today, and how the need for trusted circles are vital medicines.

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Show Notes:
  • The latest overview of the Amazon burning at a historic pace -- and the international response. 
  • Interesting piece that gives context towards the end of the episode -- from Nausicaa Renner of The New Yorker -- on how today's internet entombs our past selves and how this impacts our development. 


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