#42 Why So Angry? Podcast: Self-Care, Stretched Thin, and the Need to Say No


The pandemic has brought forth numerous social dynamics to light, one of which is the conversation of access and how we manage relationships while still honoring our own needs. Mark jumps back onto the pod with his thoughts about self-care, running thin, and the need for some good ol quiet time!


Man Enough by Wayfarer Studios: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvR7DnpJczc&list=PLydocLe1pWNzpGIaD6GqHi8sDDW_rmx-R

Mark: @anthonyfin
Twitter/IG: @AlexAntonio0
Instagram: @WhySoAngryPod
Drum Solo by @jesse__giovanni
Outro Music by @theglitchmusic



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