#44 Why So Angry? Podcast: Living with Compassionate People, Netflix and the Queen's Gambit


Compassion and empathy are in short supply in today's climate. This year has put us all to the test in trying to understand one another when approaching different sides of a topic or putting it simply, just to be a good friend. We are all going through something! So how do we cope and be there to support one another when all the expert opinions tell us that a strong support system is needed to get through these tough waters of social isolation. Our Co-host today gives us his take on how he stays present for others and ways that he's able to refill his well to avoid burn out. In this episode, we go deep again. Hopefully, we pull out some gems for you to enjoy! Listen in!

TV, Tech & Topics: Netflix deploys Audio Only Feature; HBO Max's I May Destroy You; Neflix's Queen's Gambit



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