Happy Mother's Day!

I wish to start this off with a Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there right now. Their strenght and courage has driven us all.

I am born of a strong woman, who raised me to be just as strong, if not stronger. She is the backbone in my life and will continue to be in the most trying moments of my life.

A woman and her child, the most sacred bond. 
The only relationship that puts meaning and perspective to our lives. 
You grew me, you carried me, you created me. 
To me, you are God in my eyes. 
The only name that can whisper, "I put you on Earth"
Men falsely perceive themselves to be powerful beings.
But they continue to seek and destroy with their arrogance. 
Thinking that total domination is earned by an iron fist. 
Women bear the burden of life upon their flesh
seeking harmony within their surroundings.
What can be a greater strength, 
than to face the dangers of this world, bearing a child?


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