When Does Hot Get Too Hot?

Its almost hard to determine a particular action, choice, or path in life if your current situation always seems to sit in a bit of chaos. We yearn for structure and simplicity in order to operate effectively, but when things fly at you from the murk of every which direction, its so simple to just sit back and shut down. No explanation, no justification. The easy way out can always deem to be the proper cause of action and a swift retreat in the face of danger can be a course of action that no one would blame you for.

But I am always reminded of the man that threw in the towel too early, or the playoff team that left the points on the table. It was their will that broke in the moment of character and the trial by fire. Merit is shown when the choice to rise up and take the challenge head on or turn tail and run.

I cannot say that I have all the answers in terms of finding success in life, but all I can say is that I cannot stress over the variables that I cannot control. It is not on me to determine the fate of my own, but it is on me to face my adversaries with a pure heart that cannot be squelched by insecurity or regret or pain or doubt. I know my power within and that is a realm that no outside force can change. With that sort of possession of myself, I have the power needed to change the course of history.

Is the fire getting too hot? 
Is the road getting to rocky?
Is the mountain getting to steep?
Its difficult to understand at which direction one should go
Whether the up is really the correct direction for air to breath
The sand grows soft and our feet begin to sink
My legs ache at the burden of my own weight
My trials and tribulations
My dreams and my desires
My strengths and my weaknesses
All have manifested into a vision that has formed into a curse
It will not allow me to sleep soundly or dream peacefully
A smile without the flame that warms my own heart
But the curse is an internal part of my spirit
One that almost becomes essential towards my journey towards greatness
It is my battle against myself
Forcing me to wage a war that will take me to the brink
Conquer yourself and you shall conquer the world
My curse is my blessing
One that will not allow me to give up
Iron & steel
Shield & sword
Mind & body
Heart & soul
All must burn into a molten pulp
To be sculpted and forged into the crafted masterpiece
Destined to survive a millennia


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