If You Can't Stand The Heat

There have been several instances where my lack of direction have plagued my own mental health. I try to continue to stay positive in certain moments, but I can't help but focus in on my failures and how my progress in life is not necessarily where I envisioned myself to be.

In less than a month, I will be turning 30. Without a steady job, my own home, and my own family, I can't help but imagine what rock bottom would be like. Now, declaring that my life is at a rock bottom is a bit of an overstatement, for there are plenty of other individuals in this world that are hurting with much more urgent matters.

I am blessed to have the support of loving family and friends that will be there for me at a moments notice. However, to examine to say that my current circumstances in life as a turning point would be accurate in the sense that I have found a new personal bottom. They say you must truly strip away all that was once your former self in order to manifest into something better. I can say first hand that I hope that I am at that point and to say that I am mentally drained would not describe the immense pressures I have to hurtle past time and time again.

As an aspiring writer, I understand that one must experience life in all various aspects and that the older we get, the better our craft becomes to articulating the pain and struggle. The ups and downs of life are but various different flavors to a pallet than will soon prepare a meal to remember. I just hope that I am prepared to stand the heat to stay in the kitchen.


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