Beautifully Human

The mind stays active long after sleep.

I grew up with the notion that ambition is admirable and that true success towards a fulfilling life was always driven by ambition. That true purpose and the pursuit of life's ultimate goals revolved around one's relation towards ambition.

I have to say that idea can lead many into a false calling. Desire and ambition can only lead one so far and without a clear sense of purpose and the passion the can only fuel that inner fire, desire can only go so deep beneath the surface. It is extremely necessary for the psyche and spirit to assess self purpose.

with that being stated, I know that my avenue in this crazy thing we call life is not just to become a story teller,  but to become a teacher of some sort. I am not referring to chalk board and glasses type of fellow, but some what of a leader or consultant. I want to help people find their own purpose some way, some how. My own experience and credentials would deem me the last person that is qualified in any way to counsel people with their lives, but I know that my talents held within my words on a page can somehow cultivate people's way of thinking into understanding, perhaps life.

Someone very special to me described my way of expression as a utilization of a constant form of analogy, continuously using some point of reference to express my inner thoughts. I always understood this method as a quick and simple way to relate to people and to connect to people on a visual spectrum. I suppose that my need to relate aspects of life into a "story" has always been my path to connect with understanding life and I suspect to why I've loved great storytelling. 

I would not boast myself as a particularly religious man, as my path from God has reached a bit of the outer reaches, but I could not help but coorrelate my desire to express my thoughts and beliefs in short form analogies to how Christ tought about his kingdom of love through parables. I believe that it is a fundamental quality of being human that we as a species relate towards stories and that teaching methods revolving around this aspect are the most impactful. 

Now, in no way shape or form am I comparing myself to be Jesus or that my ultimate purpose in life is to be "Christ-like" (that, my friends, is a discussion for another blog) but what I am trying to say is that my relationship with storytelling goes towards the most primitive level. I seek to teach others in the hopes that they walk away having at least thought about some aspect of their own lives differently. 

With the launch of our video production website, Bernal Pictures, I only ask that everyone that may enter our domain come with an open mind and heart, because we are in the business to not just entertain but to teach an aspect of ourselves that we can only describe as beautifully human.


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