Podcasting: A New Media Revolution

You are probably wondering, "why the pictures?" 

To put it simply, I decided to practice some photography with the hopes that it can stoke my creativity towards writing. The photos above were taken with my Galaxy S5 and I guess after all this I realized that I'm fascinated with black and whites. Here are some images that I took during my trip in Seattle and I hope to get better --perhaps start learning to enhance the pictures through photoshop. 

With that said, I am back in LA with my well refilled and a fresh attitude towards taking on life by storm!

So, in order for me to find time to write, I have to keep a pretty regimented schedule for myself. With a forty hour per week, 9-5er, finding the time needed inside that magic hour of inspiration is a rarity in itself.

Twenty-four hours in a day is really not a lot of time to get that quality writing in. Most of the time I'm grumpy and distracted with the idea that I haven't had the time to get my quota --and with creative projects that I have set as benchmarks for myself, I really feel the clock ticking.

So how do I balance it all?

I've been trying to learn from the many who have walked before me --those who are still very much walking the same tumultuous journey.

One thing that really has kept me on course has been podcasting. Several podcasts featuring talented writers of all disciplines, from Scriptnotes, Nerds Writers Podcast, Children of Tendu, have allowed me to connect to the creative community of screenwriters by way of new media.

The Writer Files has an interesting setup in how they were agnostic in terms of the type of writing and are focused towards "keeping the ink flowing" and how the featured writers maintain a productive work flow.

These ides and practices become important to any new writer such as myself. The journey has become such an isolated process that finding any pearls of wisdom is like spring water from a desert oasis. Most of the times the advice becomes universal: to keep on writing. The key to creativity is to get out of your own way and allow yourself to imagine without inhibition or self-doubt.

If you are a fellow writer such as myself, check out anyone of these podcasts and maybe suggest some my way. I am always looking for new sources of inspiration.

Take care and I'll be talking to you all soon.



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