Little Ants Down the 405

Just got out of work and it is officially my last day working as a Los Angeles native, because tomorrow we will be officially moving to San Diego.

Pretty big news.

Pretty big life event about to come up shortly, because we will be moving to a new city. First time in my life that I will be living in a new city --a new place outside of Los Angeles County.  I have always lived here, born and raised, predominately my entire life. For the most part I have lived here and tomorrow we will be packing up and shipping on home --to Jessica's childhood home.

So now I am just excited to have a three day weekend --it's not going to be a relaxing weekend for the most part; at least tomorrow moving everything down. But just for the sheer fact that I won’t have to do this San Fernando to El Segundo drive early in the morning. It wasn’t getting to me but it was getting to me. If I had a choice to change the commute I would change it. It was pretty hefty. It wasn’t the mornings that were getting to me but the afternoons; which I am about to attempt right now. This commute getting pretty hectic; I am crossing the 90 freeway I can already see the red ahead of me --kind of shining red, one after the other.

It’s a nice day, blue skies out, and little fluffy clouds --62 degrees and breezy. There’s a helicopter above us just staring down at the little ants, rampaging on down the alleyway. The arena. The mega highway while we rat racing on home to suck just a little bit more; squeezing as much free time as we possibly can; to spend time with our beloved ones.

A lot of the times I just parked my thoughts. What I would love to do is smoke a bowl. I was listening to a recording of an interview of when I first came back to RFI and I thought about how much weight I’ve gained while watching myself on a webcam. I couldn’t believe how much weight I gained and I hoped watching the video would lite a fire under my ass. But I think I’ve gained more weight since my wedding.

So I’m hoping that this message to my future self is a reset button while driving down the 405 --I’m passing Washington blvd --I’m hoping that this will really be the reset button. With time off I can catch up on some books and do some writing. Really take this time and decide strategically what I’m going to do next.

I do know that I want to stay in the IT field. I definitely ambitions about continuing to grow, earning my IT certifications; my first one, my A+, was earned last week. Hopefully use that momentum to carry me on into the next one. I like being goal oriented.

Keeps me honest --keeps me focused.

Yeah, It’s dead at work. Nothing really going on. Some stuff came up today; someone couldn’t get into their thin client. The issue ended up being a network problem, which is strange not being able to login to her local profile, but it ended up being the DHCP server shitting itself. Wiliam actually had a command prompt executable to refresh the IP address, clearing the ARP cache (or whatever it is). Its work moving on.

So glad that this is the last time. Not to say that this will be the last time being stuck in traffic on the 405, but not in the middle of the week at 4 o'clock commuting from. The entire time I’ve been living in Los Angeles, this has been the most time I’ve been doing the 405 drive. My entire time living in LA, I’ve been westside native. Don’t know much about the East and Southside, but I’ve been predominantly West/Northside guy. I’ve been fortunate enough to not have to mess with the freeway too much --using Sepulveda, Lincoln, and PCH --to some extent the Redline and the Commuter express.

I thought I would have more profound things to say. I feel like I am just coming up with small talk. You know small talk always gets --I’d rather sit in silence --you know I’m not a talkative person. Im very introverted. For me I’d rather sit in silence --and small talk between individuals drains me. It’s a combination of things; I have a short attention span. So, if its small talk, naturally it will be over a topic that doesn’t interest me, but I have to actively engage and pay attention to what the person is saying. So the act of concentration ends up burning a lot of energy.  Where more deep thought provoking conversation --where you are connected at a deeper level --is actually having an adverse effect; it is more rejuvenating. Sitting and talking to someone that really has interesting things to say.

That’s always refreshing.


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