What to Do With All These Gaps?

So, in order for me to find time to write, I have to keep a pretty regimented schedule for myself. With a forty hour per week, 9-5, finding the time needed to find that magic hour of inspiration to write is just flat out crazy. 

I remember I came across The Writer Files that had an interesting setup in how they were agnostic in terms of the type of writing and we're centered on "keeping the ink flowing" and how the featured writers maintain a productive work flow. 

But that was long ago...

Now I listen to Podcasts that couldn't be further related to writing. I'm evening considering starting a Podcast of my own, but of what? Then the guilt starts to set in. I really want to focus on one craft, one project, one art. Yet I get pulled in different directions. Or maybe its just an excuse that I'm making for myself for not making the time. Half the battle is just sitting down in front of the page, and getting those ideas written.

I'll have to wait and see. But waiting is half the battle.


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