#5 Why So Angry? Podcast: A Little Story About Libra and Orange Chicken

I think I can be a bit of a cynical person when it comes to certain topics. Lately, I've been the biggest cynic towards the world of social media. The irony right?

Its not that I believe that social platforms today are all an unrelenting evil in today's social stratosphere, but more of sugary substances that's causing us more anxiety and heartache than we care to admit. I don't have to list the countless research out there that points to the daily dosage of social media contributing to widespread mental health issues, (although there are some counterarguments against this belief) yet it comes as no surprise that countless hours on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can add some serious setbacks to one's daily path towards self improvement when left unchecked. 

I would become the biggest hypocrite if I were to campaign for zero tolerance towards Facebook, or profess some sort of self-imposed Instagram fast --which admitting enough is a nice way to cleanse the headspace every once in a while. However, I think this climate of extreme polarization and ideologies --that can't seem to grip opposing thought existing within the same spectrum of conversation --festers any sort of communication among individuals and now these "digital tools" of sophisticated communication now becomes weaponized.

Maybe I'm just a naive well wisher hoping that the people will rise above the algorithms of influence, perhaps acting in a style that would force the platforms of social media to adjust to us (and not the other way around).  

Where would we be as a world without the existence of social media's greatest contribution to humanity: President Trump. 

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