#13 Why So Angry? Podcast: The Association of World's End and Conscious Focus

Oh, good Lord. This podcast is a reflection of myself -- and it sure does show. I think that it is interesting how life is now imitating art, and that I am trying to be more reflective about how I view the world -- which I think is making me a better human being.

This week's episode is about the end of the world! [Insert Smiley Face Here]

I don't want to be a negative nilly, but I think it's a safe bet to that my outlook on the future is a bit gray at best. However, I am a firm believer that my worldview is just that: my sole worldview. My perspective is strictly my own and an expression of my own negative anxieties.

So, as fair warning, I don't want to perpetuate myself as some sort of prophet of destruction. This reality bends and shapes itself to the forces of nature that are well beyond our understanding and control. Maybe it is just the desires of people to fret over the end of an age because we've lost the sense of creativity. What can we do now when everything has already been created and built and explored?

For better or for worse, we are all still here and that counts for something. Live in the moment and always remember the future hasn't been written -- even if the ending has been foreshadowed to shit!

"Everyone, deep in their hearts, is waiting for the end of the world to come." Haruki Murakami, 1Q84

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