#14 Why So Angry? Podcast: New Dad Blues Part II & More TV's with Topics

Sometimes my show ideas just come from a post I see online and I just run with it -- but it is not without a mission. I try to gather some context to what I ultimately want to achieve and provide value to you, my most cherished reader. 

Let's start with the idea of mindfulness. What the fuck is it and how is this new age bullshit supposed to keep me from walking off a bridge? For starters, don't let the mystic or esoteric connotation intimidate you from the notion that true mindfulness can be achieved through rigorous discipline. If anything, mindfulness should spread out to those with the least bit idea of how to control their environment.

Now, the reason why I'm referencing their environment, as opposed to their thoughts, is because I am a firm "believer" -- I use this phrase loosely because I don't want to associate this with any spiritual/religious abstractions -- that our acknowledgement of thought dictates what our physical manifestation of what our reality will ultimately become. Our presence within the physical universe is a complex web where the slightest twitch or pull in one direction will ripple out to cause symmetrical reactions to occur in another.

So what the fuck does all that mean?

I love the way that British philosopher and theologist Alan Watts described a teaching of mind over matter as a method of thought and nothing more; he would propose an idea without committing to the listener's needs to accept any of it. Now, I am doing the same thing here. 

If my actions are a byproduct of my motivations -- and my motivations are simply a melody of our own thoughts -- then by mere process of mind we are actively shaping our environment. Though this may simply sound like a "no-shit-sherlock" moment for our dutiful readers, but I assure you that I feel that we give ourselves so much less credit to our actual ability to become shapers of our world, as opposed to just "doers" in the sense that we are following a pre-ordained script. 

Do the research and you will start to see what it is that makes up "living in the present."

Now, to this week's episode!

It was a struggle (which is probably not good that I openly admit this publicly for fear of showcasing my amateureness with this media project).  But it's fucking here despite all the negative reasons of why it shouldn't. So allow me to fucking live!

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Show Notes: No show notes....ehh I just don't have it in me this week! I will do better. I promise. 


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