#18 Why So Angry? Podcast: You Have a Certain Look

The true inspiration for this episode came from a clip I saw online of Jane Elliott asking hard, to the point question about race. I believe this moment always runs through my mind whenever I interact with individuals on both sides of the racial divide. Its raw and unflattering and unwaivering in its authenticity towards reducing us to fellow human beings.

In all respects, I don't want to pose as someone with the insight to convey the true meaning of Jane's message, but it touched me in a profound way none the less. 

 Apologies for another short post. But sorry, I have a new born at home. So I am a bit short on time. Thought I'd share some words below.

As a Sun Bursts

As time marches on, 
we all become real 
— our flesh bone. 
To tell a story, 
through the eyes of the 

They looked down upon 
their children. 
The moons of the sky. 
Joined by their sister 
and formed the bond. 

The sun bursts and fire
begins to chase. 
But the concrete jungle 
of man protected me 
from the towering flames.

But I was safe and happy —
and alone. 

But I felt connected 
to it all. 
Brothers & Sisters 
— and to the higher power.

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