Freedom, Oppression, Distraction

What are my thoughts now?

Stream of consciousness. 

What makes me happy?

What makes me sad now?

The heart, mind, and soul

are but a concept

that exists in mind.

Those who try and squelch

the mind are the opposition.

My greatest fear is to

be in a position,

or a circle,

or job,

or marriage

that would rather see

me quiet then express

my thoughts. 

Pure freedom is the

ability of expression

and the opportunity

to push the boundary.               

Oppression is a 

real danger, but it

is never swift.

Distraction is what

allows the guard down.

When we appeal to

this societal concept

--of happiness

--we lose our notion

of what constitutes


Sometimes, the homeless

man screaming on the 


is not so crazy,

after all.

Though random are his


it is his pure


— and he is absolutely 




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