One Down: The Effect of Accomplishment

I did it guys! I made it to the end!

I am proud to say that I have finished my first motion picture screenplay. What does that mean? It means that I am cable of setting a goal for myself -- that I am capable of creating a mission for myself and set out to pursue it.

Long roads are surely started with a single step. I have made a series of questionable choices in my life, but to pursue a dream has left me with little doubt in my mind.

And now the even bigger question: what is next? My plan is to not let my foot off the gas pedal. I plan to continue to focus and refine my medium -- to develop my imagination so that I can easily translate it into story ideas and concepts.

As much as I would be happy to just bask in victory, I know all to well that the journey is far from over. Many writing friends have already told me that the rewrite will be just as daunting; I am already experiencing this on another project that I have developed in the past.

No matter the challenge, I just have to stay conscious of the ultimate goal and understand that this is a process -- filled with ups and more probable downs. Although failure and criticism does scare the shit out of me, I can't rest until I see a vision realized.

We are all born with some sort of purpose and if we take the time to listen to what your inner voice is speaking, then you will find the thread to bring you into the light.

Thanks for sticking with me on my rants. Perhaps, one day, I will share more of my work -- that is, as soon as I build up the courage.


Side note, the photo may seem random but I want to start dabbling in my own photography. In previous posts, I think I was infringing on owned content; so for that, I apologize. 


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