#8 Why So Angry? Podcast: Marvel Recap & How Dysfunctional is Synonymous with Family

I think the trickiest part about entering a new space is trying to balance creative authenticity, all the while appealing to mass markets. This project has strictly been an outlet for my creativity to experiment and share ideas with the online community; however, I would be insincere if I say that I didn't want this content to be enjoyed, at the very least, by a small community of internet goers. 

Starting this project, I imagine a spectrum: on one side you have pure creation and original authenticity; on the other, you have formulaic, researched, calculated content targeted towards mass appeal. Therefore, creating content successfully requires a balance between the creator --retaining the ability to enjoy the creative process without losing oneself --and the critic and public tastes that will ultimately result in popularity. 

So we are in a nebula-like period but thank you for sticking in there. I'm just having fun here and hope that you all enjoy what info you can get from this. 

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