#6 Why So Angry? Podcast: The New Dad Blues

The Catalyst

If ten years ago, you looked me in the eyes,
what will be the man you'll see?

If ten years from now, you looked me in the eyes,
would you dread the man you'll see?

What will they say of today's version of me?
Was today where it all changed? The link?

At the lowest point that one may feel, 
it is at this juncture 
when you are vital.

The moment where our farm boy decides 
to leave his broken home and ride
into the desert, to become legend.  


I've mentioned Toastmaster's once before on this blog and now here we are full circle mentioning it again on the podcast. I really need an endorsement deal! 

The art of communication is one that everyone seems to struggle with, but yet no one cares to admit openly. I'll usually give a fair critique of myself as a competent communicator, but in the hands of other individuals, I barely make the cut. I say this with the upmost love and compassion towards myself, but I tend to be pretty dim when it comes to complex emotional well being.

Why talk about this on the show?

My fascination towards the human psyche and our complex array of emotional modes just make for very interesting conversation, but more importantly, self-empowering reflection of my own development into adulthood. 

I digress. This story is all about my transition to becoming a dad and how life just seems to have a different angle that I've never noticed before. I guess I'm just trying to toot my own horn, but I could be wrong

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