Never give up, never surrender

"When you are going through hell, keep going."
             -winston churchill
It has always been a question of what is your limit. I think the pursuit for anything worth while has always been laid out in terms of whether I can endure the pain necessary to achieving success. Every aspect of life is measured within this concept of survival and struggling with an opposition. 
The idea of a comfort zone is what everyone seeks, but what should always be questioned, especially when it is unearned. I can only imagine the countless people who have grown stagnant and stale with this false notion of safety within their lives. Constantly attached to these standard comforts of living that have done nothing but dulled their senses to whats truly important. Running from the first sign of adversity.
I am one who has become numb and blunt. Unable to cut swiftly against any tough surface. But I am grateful for my senses to become aware of this fact and that my unfortunate circumstances have taught me up to this point on what is real.
Nothing comes easy without a fight and sometimes we must learn to crawl through the mud in order for us to learn to use our legs to stand.
Standing at an edge
Seeing the darkness but I will not fall
I will not falter
I will not let go
You had me at an end but I did not stop
You had me at a depth but I did not gasp for air
You had me at my most broken 
but I did not ask to be placed back together



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