The Leap to Freedom

I can't be alone in thinking that all we ever want to be is happy. Living our own lives as if we are kings and queens of our own piece of this place we call Earth. Enjoying all the spoils of our labor and growing old with our children, seeing that they are raised with values that will create them to become successful.

When does the journey for that dream begin?

The road in front of me is particularly murky, wondering if I will be strong to see its end. I know I must jump towards safety but it fills me with fear. Why must I become afraid in order to achieve something so meaningful? I ask this because I already know the answer.

The call for battle is upon me. I can feel its chaos and decay upon my flesh. But I do not flinch. I can only stand tall and embrace the fear that seeps through out my veins. For the leap to freedom will only be conquered by the strong and for those who know what is at stake.

I can only imagine my present state and my current circumstances as a fight for survival; with all potential threats looking to challenge my progress and take what is rightfully mine. As Bruce Wayne jumped the gap within the pit and rose from darkness, he grew forever stronger to challenge an adversary that broke him in half. But to learn to conquer your enemy, you must first learn to conquer yourself and the fear within:

Continue on! Stay Alive!
In order to stay free
we must jump into danger
the heart rate rises
he is terrified
death is near
the crowds cheer for his success
he lets go of all inhibitions and gives his will to fate
he makes the jump to freedom and 
into battle
forged from steel within darkness


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