Her Love

Okay,  to kind of start this off, I'm not particularly an emotional guy. I think the first impression people read off of me is that I don't take too many things seriously and brush a lot of things off.  And for the most part, they're right about every single thing. I just can't help but take everything with a grain of salt. 
With that said, I am not completely heartless or cold. I do have feelings and sometimes the heart strings do get plucked every once and a while.  So its all a matter of perspective. 
By no means am I some romance laureate--I couldn't be further from it--but its more of an expression to flex my range. 
And maybe a female shoulder or two to cry on.... (wink wink)
If that didn't sound creepy, I don't know what does:

Her love was hard to remember
Her love will be hard to forget
Her love was one that asked you to become better
Her love was one you would yearn to become greater
I wanted the best for myself, and that love was my reminder for that
I wanted the world and that love kept me striving for that
So forever I will be greatful of the lessons I've learned
Because with her in my life, I never would have never grown


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