Tonight We Dine In Hell

Standing alone is often a metaphor given to epic showdowns in which our main character stands before a great army and blood-thirsty war lord ready to rain hell upon our small band of heroes. The opposition is perceived invincible and our only hope for survival is to perhaps submit to their will, allowing but a small piece of happiness within our so-called lives. But our heroes are constructed out of a different fabric,  standing strong within their ideals, un-wavered to the concept of what defines true fulfillment of life is complete and utter freedom to do what you were born to do, whatever that may be. 

I started this blog as a means to provide a sort of creative outlet; a means to promote my own artistry and perhaps make a few friends along away. But I can't help but pull some of the emotional tenants that currently exist within the flow of my own life. I am beginning my story at its most definitive, crucial moment of my own life. Without realizing my own intention, I allowed myself to document the journey in a medium capable to share with the world. I only hope that the ending of the story will be something worth telling. 

The journey really begins at a choice, one in which no one can ever make except for oneself. Through out my life I was conditioned to believe that all of life's turning points existed within a certain path, a trajectory that you can spot from miles away. My decision to move out of my parents home, to go to college, and to get a full time job were all significant periods in which the decision was pretty much made up because of circumstance. I was a drone plotting along the various channels of life. 

But what is to happen when there is no clear cut choice, when the decision to change ones life becomes so murky and convoluted with doubt that it begins to bog your spirit like a curse. Why must I yearn for something more and choose to reject a path of ignorance? In that moment, what is to happen when your entire being, your own internal conviction is telling you to go in one direction, without any hope of knowing the outcome? What happens when all sense of logic settles within yourself and asks you to really "think" this through, that acting with your heart is a fools errand? Then, what happens when you are face-to-face with an opposition and when that opposition is embodied in the faces of those you most love?

I suppose that is just the nature of things and that if we had everything figured out, then life would just be plain and boring. Of course, that's just me:

An "A" game; you can only have one. How do we get there? What does it take?
And Instinct so primitive that only in surreal circumstances can this be achieved
You are born to do this
This is your shot to sell your story
Sell your heart
Why does any one individual deserve greatness?
The obstacles will be what defines the outcome
You cannot falter
Stay strong
Move Forward


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