One Reason to Not Die Nameless

I think most people want to say that they had a meaningful life. Most people want to say that they lived life to the fullest, that we stopped at nothing to really go after what we always wanted. Plastering self help quotes and motivational speeches all over our dresser drawers and computer screens, ever keeping our focus on the end game. But where is the gut check? How many will continue to stand after life gives them one good punch in the mouth?

Most cases we live in denial, settling for the road easiest traveled. I find myself asking that very same question, praying that I have the right answer to give. But my actions will always speak louder than words.

I want to live a happy and fulfilling life, but what are the sacrifices to get there? I'm looking at the end goal but when faced with the long and treacherous staircase up a jagged mountain, I can't help but find myself leaning on doubt, second guessing my own purpose and ambition.

Maybe they are right.

Its not often when you come across an article that can really grab you by the throat and give you a good wake up call. Today I read 7 Reasons Why You Will Never Do Anything Amazing With Your Life and really couldn't find a better time to read such a piece. The brilliance of hearing the cold blooded truth about so many other people's shortcomings and how the acceptance of that truth is possibly the greatest failure as a society.

How do you define an utter lack of passion, an apathy that exists as your greatest characteristic, and apply that within an environment that only rewards the strongest with survival?

History dictates that those who are dominant do not remain as such for long.

A challenge, an opportunity, an opposition, a war. 
When faced with the greatest moment of ones life, what are the emotions that exist within that moment: happiness, fear, hope, sadness? 
Sadness for all those who couldn't make it before and for all those who never had the opportunity to take the shot; for all those who died nameless. 
As humans, that is what we all ultimately want ito acheive in life, manifesting into the search for true meaning.


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