My Own Selfish Desire. An Exploration Within the True Self

At what point should I ask myself, "am I making the right decision?" The course of our very lives resides on the constant variation of our own choices, deciding on what we want versus what we need. To often than not, we rationalize our motives for those things that we want. Therefore, creating an internal conflict over that in which we  want versus that in which we really need. But what were to happen if that want constitutes a deeper desire?

Our own human desires are remnants of a primitive self, a former being in which knows what is required to survive within a wilderness. Our own internal perception of our environment grew over centuries of evolution and to deny this would be a complete lack of regard towards the power of the inner self. Our true nature is very much decided by that inner want.

This is not to say that people should completely divulge themselves on frivolous things that will only serve to feed your spirit in the short term. The true rewards lie within what the heart desires; the inner spirit that cries unto the world for a moment in the sun. Quiet your mind and open your heart. There may very well be a reward waiting for you that can define a lifetime.

Why me? What have I possibly done to achieve such a tremendous honor? Surely there are others that are more deserving of its precious gifts. 

The moment when one looks over the edge of safety can last an eternity, wishing that tomorrow would come swifter. But I cannot question destiny. For fate rarely calls upon those at a moment of their choosing. 

We are but a handful that have been placed within the winds of change, blessed by those who have sacrificed so much so that we may arrive at this point in time--the named and un-named. 

We owe them our deepest gratitude and our duty holds us to see this sacred task through. So while doubt asks, "why me?" destiny asks ,"why not me?" 

It is ours to take and run free.


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