The Bungee Jump

The closer and closer I get, the more I realize how real this is becoming; the edge of the cliff, the end of the road. You want so badly to know what will be on the other side of the mountain, but who really wants to know? We all live for the sense of wonder.

I suppose I imagine a bungee jumper, standing on the edge of the steel railing, looking straight down into a 100ft drop. Will my rope hold? What happens if the coil snaps? How hard is it going to hurt to die? But you let it go. All the fear and the guilt and the anger and the pain. You stare into the gorge that is mother earth and know that no matter what happens we will all return to her. 

"Yes, I'm scared!" is what I say to them, "and I know of no other way to live." 

They look at me with their blank stares, wondering when or if I will ever wake up. But I keep dreaming and I take that leap. Those few seconds of terror will account for more life than an entire lifetime on the other side of that railing. From souls to crown, all electric flow of life surges throughout my limbs, waking me up to the possibilities of what constitutes being alive and the primal instinct that fuels me to survive.

Stay hungry everyone and don't be afraid to jump every once in a while.


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