Science Fiction: a Love, a Passion, a Reason to Stay Sane

I love science fiction.
I don't know what it is about the genre. It has something to do with that sense of wonder, that curiousness towards our own existence that makes us take a pause. Science fiction is a pure representation of imagination, of where man is now, and where he is destined to go.
The idea for me is that peace of looking into the stars and having a universe worth of room to create and imagine worlds that are unlike our very own --or if our own world were different some how. For myself, it gives me a fantastic chance to momentarily escape from my very own reality. It has definitely shaped the person I am today.
Growing up in the Antelope Valley, California, much of my imagination came from the absence of any visual stimulation. Don't get me wrong, the desert mountain ranges of the San Joaquin mountains are a breath to take in, but it leaves miles and miles in between of tumbleweeds and Joshua bushes.
So you can sympathize as to why I tended to drift mentality. Away from what my daily schedules and tasks were in class or at home. My head would just be in a cloud somewhere, yearning for my body to go to where my mind has traveled. I wanted to be in a world where I was free to do what I choose.
There was definitely something missing.
Then in high school, one of my English required reading assignments found me grabbing a book by the name of Ender's Game. Before that moment, I didn't really know what true science fiction was --at least not in a literary sense. This book became life defying as I knew somehow someway I wanted to be a part of this, either as a fan, or something more.
In the future, I will talk a little more about the works of science fiction that influenced me as a writer, as well as share some pieces that I am putting together. Until then, keep your eyes on the stars and wonder.


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