Another Introduction: The Real Me

Really, at this point I don't know what to say. As you may can already see, this is my very first blog and I am rushing the cobwebs off. Then again, cobwebs implies that I have been writing for some time. In reality this is my first official foray into the realm that is creative writing, especially in the open domain.

Just some background on me. I'm a film geek with the utmost insane amount of drivel information about cinema trivia than a normal person should ever know. I think every philosophy that I've ever interpreted in life has always revolved around movies. I don't suppose that's too bad. I got this far after all.

I'm really just looking to get a conversation going with like minded folks that can really help me grow as a writer. Once again, this is my first, true wing at it for others to see, so please bear with me, as grammar is not my strong suit. L.O.L. (Oh no he didn't!!!)

My own aspirations is to one day write for screen (television or film) and, well, you never know. Look forward to hearing from you all and stay tuned!


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