A Birth Right

What are my thoughts?
A stream of consciousness?
What makes me happy?
What makes me Sad?

The heart & soul are but concepts that exists within the mind. Those who try and squelch the mind are the opposition. My greatest fear is to be in a position--a crowd of people, a job, a marriage-- in which they would rather see me silent than speak out of turn. Pure freedom is the ability of expression and the opportunity to continue to push those boundaries.

I see that oppression is a very real danger. But it is never a thing that is seen swiftly, but gradually, over decades. Distractions are what allows the guard down. When we appeal to this societal concept of happiness, we lose our notion of what constitutes expression. Perhaps the homeless man screaming on the corner of the block is not so insane after all. Though random are his thoughts, it is his pure expression and he is absolutely free to do so. My pen to paper is freedom. No server or IP address. No history file or digital footprint. Enjoying the freedom that our own private thoughts are as such. And the ability to say those thoughts should be cherished as a natural born birth right.


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