The Chosen

Many are called, but few are chosen. 

How does one become chosen? I believe from birth, we are all called upon this earth, not knowing the greatest potential that this plane has to offer. Scared of the various dangers and fears that exist just outside the sight of man. Existing within their confinements of comfort. Never truly pushing their limits or breaking the boundaries that were always placed before by society. But to become chosen is a result of a higher power. One that exists far beyond our own understanding. 

Within the minds of many exists the names of only a few. Immortalized as master builders of the past. Cultivating a culture and way of life for us all. To become the chosen few requires a choice of our own: acceptance. The ability to let go of all the fear and doubt and pain that have caused so many before us to crumble and fall. 

It is not up to you to decide such a fate, for turning away this divine responsibility will be a greater dis-service to not just oneself, but to your fellow man. The potential impact on so many lives would be lost from such a retreat, and by that reason should a "why" be cultivated for your own purpose. To touch and inspire the masses and to spread a message that will soon reach the world and can very well change the course of time. It is not up to you to be afraid, for the time has come to let go of all earthly inhibitions and to trust that we are all destined to become the lions that greatness has chosen us to be. 


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