The Onramp

Maybe this is happening for a reason? Like getting lost on a map. Taking the wrong exit off the freeway and your suddenly lost, not knowing that the freeway is but a block away; left at the light. 

But I think we found it. The onramp. The path that will lead us to where we are destined to be. For so many instances we questioned the journey. Should I be here? How far is it? Maybe I was supposed to take a right back there? Always left wondering if this was really worth it at all. 

But I see the onramp. Finally, we can continue this journey. Awaiting us are the sun kissed valleys where stones lay red and dry. No need for a map at this part, just ride it to the end , to where the freeway ends and true life really begins. The only hope is that we can ride this entire journey together. 


You almost missed the onramp!!



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