A What if the World...

How would it be if two people can speak to one another using nothing but their mind? Would they not be together in an eternal bliss of endless possibility? Is that privilege only for those who are truly in love? What would the catch be? 

That you could only speak to them while you are asleep, perhaps? 

Maybe two humans on opposite sides of the globe with the ability to telepathically talk to one another, only while the other is awake. How would their lives affect each other? Would they share an emotional moment at the same time? Contradiction of one another. (Good vs Bad)  

What if they are of different social class? 

Imagine every person in the world having the ability to be telepathic but coupled up with one unknown person. As if by a divine plan? But how would that coupling be decided. Man to woman, child to adult, rich to poor, good to evil. Would it be destiny to learn some enlightening thought from the other, no matter how strange?


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