Tell Me a Story

Tell me a story… any story. 

One where all sense of emotion and spirit are present. What makes this story? Are all the foundational elements present? Who? What? When? Where?... Why? 

The answer to the why always alludes us. Why are you telling me this story? What creates this purpose so profound that you are compelled to speak its words or utter its message? Will it sing a forgotten song; or touch a troubled heart? Will it bring laughter to the weary, or caution to reckless souls? Is it meant to bring hope to those who have lost their will or their own purpose? 

We each live within our own fable, our own tale, our own myth. How that story unfolds is never really within our capabilities, yet we possess the capacity to determine how our own roles can impact that narrative. Are we to be that legendary knight? Greatness is not rewarded to those who await her blessings, but to those who dare to defy convention and to those who have made that costly sacrifice. By their wisdom they will empower their own storyline with purposeful truth, without any fear of compromise. 

The decision now is whether our own roles will influence that epic ending. Will it be worth telling? What will be your legend? What will be your story?


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