A Chain Reaction

A new chapter.

A new beginning.

A new age.

The pages continue to turn and I no longer wonder where this story will take us. To some doomed existence, where our lust for power and fortune will continue to consume us, or perhaps a higher form of enlightenment. To what ever end that may be, it is my hope that it will be where all of humanity can unite in one common cause.

We are all barely awake in time, unable to see all the occurrences of our very existence around us. An infant species to the universe that operates under a single certainty that cannot be denied: we all live and die. Simple in its definition, our own meaning should revolve around how we each choose to impact this lifetime and how our own actions will bestow lasting impressions across time.

Do not hold to the anger, indecencies, or inconsiderations of common people, for they are still lost inside their own darkness--unable to see the light from within. How does a single mind rationalize how it fits into this idea of the "grand scheme of things"? It is my own belief that any one unit has the power to affect the whole, just as a single cell has the ability to change an entire organism. A chain reaction must take place, for we still may very well be the wandering sheep within a wilderness we do not yet fully understand.


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