Another One-on-One

This is perhaps a bit of a trial period. I know as aspiring writers, we use various different exercises and techniques to help us develop as craftsman. I suppose this is my first crack at it. I really don't know what are my primary intentions for this blog will be in the coming weeks, hopefully in the coming months, but I am not going to try and define it just yet.

I know many of times I seem to have the innate ability to just ramble a stream of thoughts when no one really asked a question. So in a way, I am sparing the people in my immediate proximity the pain of having endure my trivial conversations on how last nights episode of Walking Dead possessed strange and haunting parallels to today's modern day society.

"Calm down Mr. IMDB, no one wants to hear that crap."

I quietly laugh to myself in those moments, seeing myself get excited about a particular topic and to only have my conversation be met with a glazed look and a polite smile. They don't get what I'm saying and I quietly turn my office chair back to my computer screen and answer the next phone call.

It's harder for some to really understand why people don't connect in ways that are more meaningful. I don't pride myself in being able to talk to others. I think most of the time I just sit back and observe, as most people just sit and wait for their own turn to speak. Maybe I stutter my words, or maybe I just don't speak fast enough. For whatever reason, I'm not apologizing for who I am and what I've learned.

I've learned to accept who I am and how my mind works.

Sometimes I can be weird and a bit of a loner, but I think its necessary. The ability to slow things down and contemplate our situations and surroundings is a bit of a cleansing of the soul. Our day and age of instant gratification and this rush-rush mentality has almost gotten to the point of being a bit overwhelming. Taking the time to just sit the fuck down and chill out is a bit of an understatement and I think people will benefit from that fact aplenty.

Anyway, yes, I'm a movie guy and sometimes I talk to myself WAY too much, but you know what, that's alright. Our character is only defined by the flaws, talents, joys, and memories of our lives, who is to say what is acceptable or not. In the end, it is what ultimately makes us human.

Crap, there I go rambling again....

I'll end with a shameless plug of a favorite website of mine that really got me excited to talk cinema and screenplay again. WhatCulture!


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