Readers of Minds

If telepathy is just the ability to read the minds of others and to speak with just our thoughts, how does one categorize mobile text messaging within that same vein? Talking with just our thoughts has become a cultural norm, not giving full credit to the power of our words. Someone can practically judge another person without so much as a single interaction. 

Does a conversation really exist if it did not take place in the spoken tongue? 

Of all forms of conversation that we have through out the day, what percentage is actually through verbal means. Through email, text messaging, and social media, all spectrums of human emotion are on full display. Ready for the purposeful attempt to connect with another human being. Yet its not true. It is only a fragment of what vocal communication is. We trust our emotions whole heartedly to these digital screens, when in reality, it is but a splinter of what true human potential really is. "He said this, she said that!!" But from a text, a blog, a twitter. All epigraphs of a story yet to be told. 

But what is the end going to be? Like watching the opening titles to a movie without seeing the entire journey to its end. So we try to interpret what the story will be. I suppose you can say the same hollowness exist in letters to a dying patient, or a doctrine of human rights, or the scrolls that search for human meaning. All words that lack the subtext capable of conveying human meaning and purpose. 

We say law and authority drives purpose, but I say my spirit drives purpose. Spirit to remove myself from all sense of communication. Where words bind no grief to my own presence. The only words that I hear are the echoes of the flowing hills. Telepathy isn’t a gift, a power, but a perception. 

Therefore, can you see my thoughts upon this page? 

Are you capable of reading my mind???


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